Garrison Courtney is a fraud and thief

Beware of  Garrison Courtney. He worked in the US Army and at DEA. He will tell you he worked for the highest levels in those agencies. He will tell you he knows everyone and they all owe him favors. He is a liar, cheat and fraud. He may tell you stories about how he has cancer and is a disabled vet. He may tell you how he traveled the world in secrecy for the Masons. He may tell you he can bring you $100M in DEA and Army contracts.  He will probably not tell you about the domestic violence and restraining orders against him or the FBI investigations for US government  contract fraud. He probably won’t tell you about the last 4 companies he worked for either…. Aderas, Global, Blue Canopy…. Good luck getting any of them to give him a reference. He is a schemer, a fraud, a liar. Run before he can think of a plan to get your money.

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