About me…


I am Garrison Courtney. I worked in the US Army. I worked at DEA. I will tell you I worked for the highest levels in those agencies. I will tell you I know everyone and they all owe me favors. I also lie, cheat and steal.  I may tell you stories about how I have cancer and am a disabled vet. I may tell you how I have traveled the world in secrecy for the Masons. I may tell you I can bring you $100M in DEA and Army contracts.  I probably will forget to tell you that I was kicked out of the Masons for unethical behaviour. I will probably not tell you about the domestic violence and restraining orders against me. I probably won’t tell you about the last 3 companies I worked for either…. Good luck getting any of them to give me a reference. I am a schemer. I am a fraud. I am a liar. Run before I think of a plan to get your money.

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